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StopCommentSpam is WordPress plugin that helps you get rid of spam you can easily identify.

If you use Akismet, you are likely happy how it recognizes spam, but probably it still bothers you that you have to check recognized spam and reject it. If your blog is target of heavy spam, you may get large number of spams a day, and although Akismet prevents spam to show up on your blog, you still have to administer (delete) it.

Stop Comment Spam jumps in that place. It is very likely that you may identify large amount of spam by very precise keywords, and if spam contains specified keyword, it may undoubtedly be considered as 100% spam and rejected without need for Akismet or you to interfere.

For instance, my blog is overwhelmed by, what we call Russian spam. Thing is that my blog uses Cyrillic alphabet, and Russian spammers recognize that, so they pay more attention to spam it with comments containing Russian language. As my blog is not in Russian language, I needed tool to recognize if Russian language is used in a comment, and if that is the case, to simply reject it. That is how this plugin became.

You may use it to prevent using obscene words or other unwanted words in comments posted on your site. You just define list of words that are unacceptable, and any comment containing any of them would be rejected.

Also, you may set similar keywords for comment author web site URL. If you have some nasty spammer that is persistent to advertise his site, you just put his site url in forbidden url list and he is gone, any comment using that site as author site URL will be rejected.

When your site is attacked by link spammer you will find out number of comments containing number of advertising links. You have an option to set number of allowed links within comment text. If spammer posts one link more, his comment would be rejected.

This plugin is simple and straightforward. It will help you to filter out exact words or phrases, but it is not strong against more profane spammers. But, that is what Akismet is for.

History of changes


1. Extract package and upload `stopcommentspam` directory to `/wp-content/plugins/stopcommentspam` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Open plugin Settings and enter keywords or phrases that you want to forbid in comment contents or visitors site URLs.


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  • Zaštitite WordPress od Ruskog SPAM-a | Stefan Jocić

    […] Nedavno sam imao većih problema sa spam komentarima na mom WordPress blogu.I pored uključenog Akisameta (koji je toliko “pametan” da sam uči) dobijao sam preko 70 spam komentara isključivo na Ruskom jeziku.Cilj ovih spam poruka je bila reklamiranje određenih Ruskih sajtova koji su prodavali sve od pločica za kupatila,pa sve do Windows XP SP3 sa MS Office 2003.Pošto nisam znao šta da radim,osim da isključim komentare na sve postove, obratio sam se članovima ES foruma,i dobio odgovor od Gospodina Predraga Supurovića koji mi je predložio plugin za WordPress pod nazivom Stop Comment Spam čiji je autor lično Predrag Supurović ( .Od aktivacije plugina prošlo je više od 20h i nisam dobio ni jedan spam komentar.Verujem da će ovaj plugin i Vama koristiti.Za download ovog WP plugina posetite ovaj link!  […]

  • Here are stop keywords I curently use:

    Forbidden items in comment contents:


    Forbidden items in comment url:


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