Better Syncing Windows With Atomic Time Server

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You may have need to have accurate time on your Windows PC. Windows already does have support for network time server synchronization and with recent versions ti should be set and turned on by default meaning if PC has access to Internet it will synchronize its internal clock with some of the world atomic clocks.

However, it might be good enough as synchronization is set to rather infrequent time periods, one day or even whole week. For some purposes it is needed to have clock synchronized more frequently. I need it for working Amateur Radio digital modes.

There are number of third party applications that can be installed on Windows PC as SysTray applications or services and allow more precise time synchronization. […]
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Radio Amateurs in War

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Symbol of defense of Yugoslav people became global symbol of resistance to NATO and USA terror all over the World.

March 24th. Year 1999. The very end of the 20th Century. With the nightfall strange sounds were heard in the sky and at 19:45 – explosions. Bomb fell on Yugoslavia, small sovereign country in Central Europe.

One word is on everyone mind – WAR!

Yugoslavia was attacked by NATO military alliance led by United States of America, the country Yugoslav people always considered as one of the best friends. At first, people were fighting mixed feelings caused by unjustly accusations, vicious attacks and betrayal of considered friendly and ally countries and disbelieve that what happens is at all possible as that was act against international law. […]
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Namena radio-amaterskih repetitora

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FM repetitori su namenjeni kao komunikacioni servis mobilnim radio/amaterskim stanicama (uključujući i ručne stanice). Po potrebi, mogu biti instalirani i za poboljšanje dostupnosti stanica u planinskim područjima.

Oni nisu namenjeni da omogućuju DX veze, stoga njihov domet u uobičajenim uslovima propagacija treba da bude ograničen.

Broj instaliranih repetitorskih stanica treba da bude određen prema
– potrebama za regionalno pokrivanje
– očekivanom broju korisnika

Ne treba da bude ustaljeno da se FM repetitori upotrebljavaju kao kanali za ćaskanje za fiksne stanice. To se kosi sa njihovom namenom.

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Baofeng LiIon charger modification

My idea was to be able to use this to charge Baofeng radio in various power conditions including in my car and this voltage was a problem. I noticed comments that charger should not be connected to higher voltage than 10 Volts. So I modded charger to fit higher voltage. baofeng-charger-mod


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hamclockHamClock is quite simple Android application for amateur radio operators. It’s purpose is to help hams working portable.

Operating portable usually means carrying light equipment, especially if everything has to be carried in backpack, on foot or on bicycle.

In most of my portable work I do not carry laptop with me. It is not that I do not need it, but I usually work in the open, and it is really hard to read my laptop’s display when in sunlight, and even in light shade.

Therefore I am used to carry paper log of pocket size and do logging by hand. […]
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