Плато Радничког батаљона

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Завршени су радови на преуређењу платоа испред Градске куће у Ужицу. Назвали су га Склавковим платоом.

А за мене ће то увек бити плато Радничког батаљона.

Андрија Ђуровић, командант Радничког батаљона у обраћању војницима Радничког батаљона
на платоу испред зграде ужичке општине пред полазак на Кадињачу

На том месту су они стали у строј и ћутке, по хладноћи, полугладни и полуодевени, у себи се поздрављали се са својима, са богом и са самим собом, јер су знали на какав задатак иду и због чега иду.

И отишли су, обични сељаци, радници и шегрти, отишли су право у историју.

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Uzice Award 2017 – YT9TP activation

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Beginning of October (1st to 16th) is time of the year when amateur radio operators from Užice participate in celebration of Užice City Day by activating Užice Award.

Užice is old city. It’s first mention in written document is in document found in Ragusan archives, dated October 9th, 1329, almost 700 years ago.  However, city is much older, it was on map of Roman Empire, and archeology found evidence of settlements as early as Neolithic age.

As award manager I have to give good example by participating in award activation. For me that means going portable as I cannot practice ham radio at my home. […]
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Два града на једном месту

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Стари и нови град Ужице

Два града на једном месту.
Где један стаде, други никну.
Један осећа
да други подсећа
шта бива кад људи

WCW2016 – World Castles Weekend in Uzice, Serbia

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For this year World Castle Weekend I activated Old fortress in Uzice (WCA YU-00023, JN93VU, WAS ST03) using my call sign YT9TP/P. Again. Activation was not announced, as usual, and served as surprise for fellow hams chasing WCA points. I had great help from Goran YU4RAA who participated in antenna and station setup.


Weather prognosis was not ideal. It was expected to have some showers which reduced our options of station location. Instead of setting it on top of fortress which would provide high point and lot of clear space, and no protection from bad weather, we decided to go safer way and settle at only space that can be used as shelter. […]
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Ужичка тврђава

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Топот копита,
тандркање запрега,
звекет мачева и оклопа,
рзање, мукање и блеку,
јеку наковња,
стењање у тамници,
пуцекетање ватри,
напев и гуслање,
гласан смех,
прасак кремењаче,
појање и звоњаву
заменише тишина,
хук ветра и
топот кише.

Ђетиња – зимска

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Патке на Ђетињи

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2. јануар, а њима није хладно.

WCW2014 – World Castles Weekend in Uzice, Serbia

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/7592

It was just several days before this year world Castle Weekend that I decided to participate by activating one of the fortresses in surroundings of my hometown Užice. Actually, I was targeted to activate YU-0030, Fortress of Solotnik, as it was never activated before and thus should be more interesting for WCA hunters.


As I still did not have all necessary equipment and tools I asked for a help of Milan YU1ZZ. As experienced contester he was up to the task, ready to improvise if necessary. One short phone call settled it down. Milan is primarily high class contester and DXer, but it seemed to me that he is actually seeking for something fresh and more relaxing, and he was really interested in my previous activation of Old fortress in Uzice (YU-00023). […]
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