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W6CCP – The King of Impoliteness

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/7530

Today just past 17:00 UTC at 14214 kHz I witnessed behavior of  ham radio operator W6CCP that was as rude as it could get.

Saddiq A41KJ was on the frequency calling CQ, and had big pile-up from European stations. He was called all over but handling situation nicely and getting through the list of stations calling him.

Then, out from nowhere, W6CCP came out, obviously with very high power, screaming on top of all other callers for Saddiq to turn to long pass to North America. He was so powerful that he out-called all stations in pile-up. He gave fine report for A41KJ but insisted for him to turn to long pass. Saddiq finally complied to his request.

W6CCP gave him another report which was now 59+. Obviously even short pass signal was more than enough or him to complete QSO but he insisted for long pass.

Of course as soon as A41KJ beamed long pass to NA, his signal in Europe weakened strongly so he was hardly heard. W6CCP still had tremendous signal even in Europe. And he did not satisfy by simply completing QSO. He disregarded number of stations waiting for QSO and started chatting.

He talked abut everything: propagations, his equipment, weather, what he did days before, his plans to travel to some conference in next few days, even what he worked on other bands… All that was left to talk about was maybe his sex life, but hopefully he skipped that subject. A41Kj replied to him shortly obviously wanting to go on and continue working with stations that were waiting for him, but W6CCP just kept bubbling on and on.

Finally, maybe 20 minutes later, when W6CCP decided that he has nothing more to chat about he left QSO, leaving A41KJ trying to call North America expecting to have good signal there as W6CPP suggested. He called for some time but noone answered. European stations that were waiting for him lost him as he was beamed in wrong direction. Some did try to call him, but he could not hear Europe any more. Some time later A41KJ gave up calling CQ because he had not got a single answer for his CQ.

I was stunned listening how rude, impolite and selfish ham operator can be. I never saw that before in my life and I thought I never would. W6CCP shame on you!


  1. Texx Woodworth

    Was it K6CCP or W6CCP ?
    Your post indicates both but these are actually different operators.

    Which one was the miscreant?

    One of them, Im in a position to make misdeeds known to all in the area.

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