Uzice Award 2017 – YT9TP activation

Скраћена веза:

Beginning of October (1st to 16th) is time of the year when amateur radio operators from Užice participate in celebration of Užice City Day by activating Užice Award.

Užice is old city. It’s first mention in written document is in document found in Ragusan archives, dated October 9th, 1329, almost 700 years ago.  However, city is much older, it was on map of Roman Empire, and archeology found evidence of settlements as early as Neolithic age.

As award manager I have to give good example by participating in award activation. For me that means going portable as I cannot practice ham radio at my home. […]
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Освојена диплома Сервантес

Скраћена веза:

4O/YT9TP Cervantes SilverУнија радио-аматера Шпаније је 400 година смрти шпанског писца Мигуела де Сервантеса обележила дипломом Сервантес. За време одмора у Црној Гори, радећи у портабл условима, одржао сам довољно веза са радио-аматерским станицама активираним специјано за ову прилику да освојим ову диплому.