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Quick Plugin Manager for WordPress

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WARNING! This plugin does not work with newer versions of WordPress. Do not use!

WordPress Quick Plugin Manager is simple tool allowing you to activate/deactivate WordPress plugins without need to log in and load heavy WordPress admin interface. That is critical when you get in situations that WordPress denies you access to admin section, due to failure in some plugin installation or WordPress upgrade.

Unfortunately, these situations are not rare. If you search Google for ‘You do not have sufficient permissions’ you will find quite a number of help requests regarding this issue and mostly without useful solution or explanation. This error may occur due to various reasons and WordPress itself does not provide any clues which could help finding the right cause for the error.

Most often, problem occurs due to bad behaving plugin. It is easy to solve it if error occurs right after plugin install or upgrade, but if you, for instance upgrade WordPress, it may then trigger misbehavior of one or several plugins,you are denied access to admin section, but you have no clue what plugin causes it.

That is when you may use this tool. It allows you to access plugin activation status without being logged into WordPress, avoiding any possible reason to deny you access. All you have to do is to upload this php script into WordPress root directory and run it using your browser.

It shows list of all plugins, divided into two sections: Originally active plugins and Originally inactive plugins. Those two sections show how plugins are originally loaded into WordPress.

Before you start activating or deactivating plugins, you should save current status as original first. As plugins are displayed groupped by original status, you can easily find out which plugins were originaly active, so you may freely disable any of them knowing that you can always restore original state.

Now you have check boxes where actual plugin status is set: if checked – plugin is active. You may click on check boxes, and then on Update button to set new status for plugins. This allows you to turn of plugins one by one to find out which one causes problems.

Do not forget to remove this script from your WordPress installation, as it is freely accessible by anyone, and not protected by user name and password. You do not want it to sit there all the time, just put it when you are in need to manage plugins.

WordPress Quick Plugin Manager is provided as freeware. You may use it anywhere and anytime when you need it.

Download: WordPress Quick Plugin Manager (10235 downloads )