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Bosch Purion Display Pocket User Manual (free PDF download)

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/11010

I just got myself eBike with Bosch system. Controller Display is Purion. It is simple to use but as almost all keys have multiple functions, until I remember all functions I have to keep User Manual with myself. So I printed pocket size (74 x 52 mm) manual.

If you need it also, her it is, free to download and print.

How to print:

1. Download PDF document bosch-purion-display-manual.pdf

2. Print it on A4 format paper, using default size, no centering.

3. When page goes out of printer just insert it again without rotating or turning it, and repeat print. […]
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eBox Filament Dryer Storage Box User Guide

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/9770

eSUN eBox is multifunctional filaments storage box. It has three functions:

– Heating and drying filament

– Moisterproof and dustrpoof storage

– Weighting filament

After I misplaced User Manual i found ut it is not available for download nowhere on the Internet. If you end up in the same situation here it is: Download eBox User Guide

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