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3D model: Hand circular cutter, cutting depth limiter

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/10484

I have hand circular cutter made by Parkside (model HG02867). It is useful for cutting rubber, plastic or paper sheets, fiber and similar materials.

I wanted to use it to cut stickers printed on self adhesive paper. Problem was, that it cuts stickers all the way. I want to cut just sticky part. So I made this add-on for the tool that allows me to set cutting depth. It works fine. You can have two sheets of paper on top of each other and set cutting depth to cut just upper one.

Designing this was easy. Tool already had suitable hole where I heat inserted common M4 hex nut using soldering iron (curled brass inset would fit too). That became mounting point.

Main body of add-on fixes to the tool using that hole and added nut. M4 rivet nut is inserted in body to hold adjustment screw. No heat needed for that, but again, curled brass inserts may be used instead.

The rest are M4x35mm bolt with hex head, and knob for that (I used knob and cap from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5449007 which I designed before). Also, one plain M4 hex nut and knob for that is used to make a breaking nut. For finish, I created small cap which attaches to the other side of screw so screw does not damage plastics when pressed.

What you need other than 3D printed parts:

– M4x35 screw
– M4 hex nut, 2 pieces
– M4 river nut
– M4x10 screw with countersunk head

Download models from:



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