Теме: CNC / 3D print

36V CNC Spindle Motor Driver

Hobby CNC machines are usually based on Arduino/Woodpecker CNC controllers with cheap motor drivers and 775 spindle motors. Motors are specified to run on 36V but CNC machines usually run it on 24V. That means motors run on slower speed than what they can do. Some controllers are able to run 36V but 24V power supplied are delivered with them. Newer Woodpecker CNC controllers are specified to run on 24V only.

Some specifications claim that 775 motor used for spindle runs at 3000-6000 rpm when powered at 24V and gets up to 9000 when powered at 36V. I wanted to run spindle at maximum possible speed for better milling results. […]
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Теме: WordPress

Show Apache and PHP version in WordPress

Display Apache and PHP versionQuite frequently I need to check what is actual version of Apache and PHP on host where WordPress is running. For some reason, WordPress displays just it’s own version and you have to use other means like logging to hosting control panel, or uploading some independent script.

As I need this on several WordPress sites I decided to create plugin for that: https://wordpress.org/plugins/show-apache-and-php-version/.

Plugin is very simple, it just hooks up to version displaying for WordPress and adds additional version information. It is displayed in Dashboard at lower right corner of each page. That is all. […]
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Теме: WordPress | СрбТрансЛатин

SrbTransLatin1.66 за WordPress

Објавио сам нову верзију додатка SrbTransLatin за WordPress. Додата је нова опција која је затребала једном од корисника: могућност да постави специфично правило пресловљавања за одређени израз.

Наиме, за тај израз му није одговарало подразумевано пресловљавање са ћирилице на латиницу већ је желео специфично пресловљавање. Тo је, на пример, случај ако у ћиличном тексту стоји Виндоуз а желите да у латиничнoј верзијi не буде Vindouz nego Windows.

SrbTranslatin од настанка има могућност да у речнику садржи таква, специфична правила пресловљавања али би она морала да се уносе у табелу пресловљавања која је део кода, што је непрактично.

Имам у плану да омогућим да корисници могу кроз администрацију додатака да допуњују речник соственим правилима за пресловљавање али како то до сада никоме није тебало а изискује значајн посао, нисам на томе радио. […]
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Теме: CNC / 3D print

CNC Clamp Screw Locking Improvement

With hobby mini CNC machines you get simple and very cheap clamps that are not easy to use.

It is hard to fasten it because screw turns along with nut, and as screw head is in T-slot of bead it is not easy reachable to block turning.

This is small rectangle peace you can attach to screw head that will block it turning within T-slot.

It makes using clamps much better experience.

You may make it from mdf, wood, plastic, metal, whatever you like.

Download from: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4160827 […]
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Теме: CNC / 3D print

Dipole Antenna Center Insulator for SO239

Building dipole antennas is always some kind of improvisation. Center insulator is quite simple and may be made in short time with jigsaw and drill.

As I jumped in CNC world I need some simple tasks to learn how to use FreeCAD and other software. So, dipole center piece is ideal just for that. I’ve finished project and learned a lot in the process.

Finished projects is uploaded to Thingverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4149187

You may use CNC mill or 3D printer to make this part. Pay attention to use material strong enough to survive possible strong forces. […]
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Теме: Web развој

How to setup multiple domains for projects on local Uniform Server (WAMP platform)

I just installed Uniform Server and I am delighted. First impression is that it is easy to set, efficient and clean. Great Work and completely Open Source and free!

I am in web stuff for decades and none of the tools I used for local development environment seems so nice. Kudos to developers.

In my workflow I use separate local domains for each project. There is number of reasons I never embraced local www site with each project in subdirectory as it is widely proposed by all WAMP platforms. I usually just use public domain for the project and add .loc […]
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