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PDFToBooklet 1.4 released

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/9013

PDFToBooklet version 1.4 is released. It is mostly cosmetic updates of user interface. You may download it now. Update procedure is is simple, just unpack files to directory where previous installation is placed. Remember to exit PDF2Booklet if it is running.

PDFToBooklet is simple application that rearranges ready made PDF document to make it suitable for stacked booklet printing. Stacked booklet printing is different that ordinary booklet printing provided by most graphical applications.

Classical booklet print requires lots of planning before printing and lots of manual labor after printing: cutting pages and arranging them in book form.

Stacked booklet is much simpler: it does not require cutting paper at all. It is just enough to fold paper in half and stack folded papers to make a book.

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