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ESPHome: Sending sensor data to remote URL

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It is common need to send data read from sensor or states of device to some remote location, like web site or database. ESPHome allows doing that, and it works pretty well, once you find out how to do it.

For sending data, you can use HTTP GET or POST method. As data usually has some complexity, I prefer using POST and send all info as JSON structure. That is universal way.

First thing you have to use is to include  http_request component into code:

  id: http_request_data
  useragent: esphome/device
  timeout: 10s

You have to set id for component so you can access it later. […]
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Enabling two color LED on Sonoff Basic R2 Smart Home Switch

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/10649

I like Sonoff Basic R2 Smart Home Switch as it is low priced but very functional multipurpose device. Most of all, it contains ESP8266 chipset which means it is easy to replace original firmware with custom one. I use ESPHome firmware but Tasmota is also good.

sonoff-basic-schematicBy looking at the board of this little device I found out that it contains two-colored LED. Actually, two LED-s are in one package with three contact legs. Green LED is used in factory assembly, and it is connected to GPIO13. The second LED is red colored and not used. It is actually meant to be used by optional RF module. […]
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Resolving problem flashing ESPHome into Amica NodeMCU with CP2102

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/10628

I got myself ESP8266 Wireless module NodeMCU development board with CP2102 serial chip . It was advertised as original and with least problems of all NodeMCU versions.

I had nothing but problems trying to flash it with ESPHome Flashing Wizard (trying Tasmota was no better). Actually, issues were linked to CP2102 serial chip. One PC could not even recognize it when connected to USB. Other two did, but only after manual persuasion. And even than, flashing did not go through.

I finally managed to flash firmware by avoid using CP2102 at all and accessing ESP8266 chip directly. As I had other serial adapter, based on FT232RL FDTI232 USB to serial adapter I use for flashing ESPHome firmware to Sonoff devices, I build new adapter cable to connect it to ESP8266 bypassing serial interface on NodeMCU board. […]
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Шта је Link Quality Indication (LQI)?

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/10600

Бежични уређаји који користе мрежне протоколе у којима пакет измећу њих може пролазити кроз више других уређаја, као што је на пример ZigBee, квалитет линка изражавају као Link Quality Indication (LQI).

То представља кумулативну вредност квалитета свих појединачних линкова кроз које пакет прође на путу од изворног до одредишног уређаја. Док путује пакет вредност LQI може да се мења како пролази са једног уређаја на други. у оваквим мрежама може да се деси и да се промени путања пакета те да се самим тим промени и LQI. То може да искористи да се у комуникацији бира путања која је боља. […]
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