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3D model: Small Case for KASE Universal Magnetic Lens Filter

KASE Universal Lens Filter came in nice but bulky case that is so big that cannot fit in pocket or bag I carry with me. I had to make much smaller case so I can bring filter with mi and keep it protected from dust and physical damage.

Case is simple: squared in shape with top and bottom that tight fit so case is kept closed just by friction.

Inner dimensions of box are 60mm x 60 mm x 5 mm. It may have use for other stuff that can fit.

https://www.printables.com/model/630018-compact-case-for-kase-universal-magnetic-lens-filt  […]
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3D model: KASE Universal Magnetic Photo Filter for Mobile Phones

This is 3D model of KASE universal magnetic photo filter. While planing how to make case for it I decided I have to make this model first so I can easily experiment with various case ideas.

KASE produces set of various filters of the same kind. Shape and housing is the same, they just change glass filter. Filters are magnetic and stack to each other. So this model cover them all.

I guess others can make use of this model too.


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Ham On Key (lyrics)

Ham On Key

That day I was turning dial through the band
My radio was squeaking sounds like a sand.
I could hear some local rag chewing hams
And they talked that bands are open nice.

Oh call
CQ CQ CQ some more time.
Get my answer and I’ll finally be fine.
You, make me, make me, make me wanna cry
And now I beg to hear you call just one more time.

So I say,
Wait for me,
wait for me,
wait for me
Oh, oh, oh.
I never worked no one from your DX zone before.
I say,
beam for me,
beam for me,
beam for me
ay, ay, ay
And if you hear me, happiness will make me high. […]
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3D model: 3×1 mini macro keyboard under table mount

I got myself mini keyboard with three keys and rotating encoder . Idea was to use it to control sound volume and media player on my PC without need to open applications. Keyboard was supposed to be mounted under desk table within hand reach. So I had to do mount for it.

Keyboard has USB-C connector on the top which is awkward for connecting cable. I had one angled USB-C male to female adapter so I used it to redirect cable connection.

As keyboard has double glue tape on the bottom it can be simply glued to the mount but I decided to use screws instead. […]
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Камени сведоци постојања

Села по Србији су опустела. Нема људи да преносе сећања на људе и догађаје. Само су још гробља остала. Надгробни споменици још стоје као камени сведоци постојања људи.

Снимљено на планини Јавор, засеок Брадићи код Кушића, 7. октобра 2023.

Сниматељ и монтажер: Пеђа Супуровић
Музика: Олег Килилков (Pixabay) […]
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Cheap Wireless Lavalier Microphone Cracked Inside

Wireles Lavalier Microphone - Packaging

Widely on the net this microphone is recommended as good for its price. So I got one, and I got quite disappointed. Well it does work but quality of the audio is not great. It has noise reduction turned on all the time (no option to turn it off) and it greatly degrades audio. Not that audio quality is reduced but it also makes it choppy, if you speak bit quieter.

It could be usable in some situations like outdoors recording where external noise covers a bit usable audio so degradation is less noticeable but there is another, more limiting issue: rechargeable battery in microphone lasts less than one hour. […]
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