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X-FRAME-OPTIONS plugin for WordPress

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X-FRAME-OPTIONS is WordPress plugin that inserts X-FRAME-OPTIONS tag in http header.

X-FRAME-OPTIONS is used to prevent foreign sites to load blog page in frame or iframe. You may set two values for X-FRAME-OPTIONS:

deny means it is not allowed to load page in frame or iframe at all

sameorigin means it is not allowed to load page in frame or iframe except if this site tries to load its own page in iframe

Why would You want to deny frame loading? That is because there are sites that use frames and especially iframes to load other sites contents to steal it for purpose of building its own popularity or search engine ratings. you would probably want to prevent this to happen to your blog and keep your visitors for yourself.


This plugin installs like any other plugin. Just upload it’s files in plugin directory on your WordPress site.


There is just one option to set for this plugin and it allows you to choose if you want to set deny or sameorigin value of the X-FRAME-OPTIONS. Besides that, you may disable tag insertion, and that is all.

History of changes

– the first public version


x-frame-options.zip (12609 downloads)

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