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Removal Unlocking Tools for Subary Justy G3X Blaupunkt Radio

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I wanted to remove Blaupunkt radio from my Subaru Justy G3X for maintenance, but I was unable to find proper removal tool. After some struggle, and help of a friend, I manged to remove radio. Once it was out the first thing to do was to examine unlocking mechanism and make proper removal tool for future use.

Subary Justy Blaupunkt Radio

Here is drawing of the tool with dimensions:

Subary Justy Blaupunkt Radio Removal Tool

It is easy to make it from proper diameter nail or metal wire. You need just to file the notch in it and bend it to make a hook so you can pool it out.

How to use tools

You need four pieces of this tool.

Insert them all in holes at the front plate and turn hook inwards. You will feel tool click into position. If needed lightly press tool outwards to grab mechanism and wigle it until you feel click.

Now pull top left tool out. It will provide resistance as radio connectors are at that position so you have to release radio from connector. Once it is done use all four tools to pull out radio.

To remove tools from holes just turn them hook outwards and pull them out.

Suzuki Ignis

Same radio is installed in Suzuki Ignis 2003. Same removal tool works too.



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