CQ или QRZ?

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Често на радио-аматерским фреквенцијама чујем необичну праксу коришћења QRZ? уместо CQ када то баш и није пригодно. Интересантно је да то не раде само оператори са мање искуства већ и они старији и да се то дешава углавном у фонијским врстама рада.

За почетак, шта значе ове две скраћенице:

– CQ је општи позив и буквално значи: позивам све станицe које ме чују да ми се јаве. Може се допунити и додатном информацијом која сужава циљану групу станица, на пример CQ ASIA значи општи позив станицама из Азије. Ово је веома јасна инструкција свим станицама које нису из Азије да вас не зову. […]
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YT9TP SOTA activation Bandera (Tornik, Zlatibor) – YU/ZS-023

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26. July 2015. Finally, one modest temperature day came after two weeks of very hot weather in Serbia. I saw it as an opportunity to visit mountains and test slowly but steady gathered equipment for outdoors ham radio activities.

I decided to spend nice day activating highest peak of mountain Zlatibor, called Bandera, topping Tornik hill. With height of 1497 meters it dominates area and provides very nice see-sightings.

I asked Filip YT1PRO to join me. I guessed as he is quite fresh licensed operator he would be interested to see some action. And I was right. […]
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YT9TP portable ham radio activity from canyon of Veliki Rzav

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18.07.2015. was set by meteorologists to be very hot day. That meant for me that I had to get away from city. My XYL requested that it has to be somewhere near cooling water. So we decided for canyon of Veliki Rzav, location near Roge village in vicinity of my city – Užice. You cannot do much better than canyoning on hot day, right?

Sitting in shade and doing nothing is not my style, so I packed my rig and equipment for portable operations to cut time.


I raised station few meters from river, equipment in tree shade and antenna in small open field few meters away. […]
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