Izbornik Zatvoriti

Izborni fenomen 2020

Srbija je uvek bila zemlja čuda pa se tako u 2020. godini za izbore pojavio se novi fenomen. Niz opozicionih stranaka je odlučio da ne izlazi na izbore i uputili su otvoren poziv građanima na bojkot, to jest neglasanje.

To je interesantna pojava jer situacija na političkoj sceni je postala takva da su sada opozicione, a nekada vrlo jake vladajuće stranke dospele u nemilost građana i mnogima je postalo pitanje da li uopšte mogu da prođu cenzus a kamoli da ostvare neki značajan rezultat na izborima. Iz tog ugla realno je da ne izađu na izbore i tako izbegnu bruku.

Ove stranke kao osnovni razlog neizlaska na izbore navode loše izborne uslove. […]
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Traffic (street) signs (3D print)

These are 3D models of various shaped traffic signs i did for my son.

Poles are separate from sign tables for easier printing. Once printed sign snaps on to pole. You may glue it but it is not necessary.

Sign height including pole is about 65 mm.

Intention is to print sign stickers on paper in color and glue them to the sign tables.

You can get models and more details from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4394933.

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Knob with knurled surface for CNC 3018 X and Y axis (3D print)

I stumbled upon model for bolt and nut with knurled interface https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:9095. I liked how it looks so I decided to adjust nut model and make it to become hand wheels knob for my CNC 3018 X and Z axis. It turned out pretty good.

Knob radius is 24 mm and thickness is 10 mm. It is meant to be used on 8 mm lead screw so it has 8.1 mm hole which is big enough that knob tightly sits on leading screw so it can easily turn leading screw.

There are holes for 3 mm screws if there is need to additionally secure knob on the lead screw.

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DS212/DSO212/DSO202 Oscilloscope Mini Stand 3D print

I needed stand for my DS212 oscilloscope. All I could find were too bulky, so I decided to design one. I posted it at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4347186

It is very small stand for DS212, DS02 or similar size oscilloscope or some other device. Part dimensions are 35 x 5 x 10 mm so it easy fits in any box or bag you use to carry osciloscope around.

Although You may use single stand it is more stable and practical to use two of them. Stand is tight enough to keep attached on device even if you lift it up.

Display is kept at 45 degree toward device user which is comfortable.

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Fixing Baofeng UV-B5 broken battery latch using 3D printer

I’ve got UV-B5 years ago. It survived lots of use and still served fine. There was one glitch – in some moment latch that keeps battery locked was broken. Radio was still usable but it happens from time to time that battery slips out of socket and radio silently turns off. It was quite annoying but hardly fixable issue.

Until today.

As I recently got myself 3D printer (Prusa I3 MK3S) I get to an idea to model and print replacement part. As every experienced computer expert, I first looked if someone else already did that. And indeed, Thingverse member Olex had the same issue and already did modeling. […]
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