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Prusa Printer Bed Leveling Reader

Skraćena veza: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/10289

I needed to check bed leveling on my Prusa i3 MK3S but the only usable tool I could find was Bed Level Visualizer plugin for Octoprint, which I do not use.

I ended up creating this simple tool for the purpose of reading and visualizing bed leveling which I called Prusa Printer Leveling Reader.

Usage is simple: Run application, set COM Port and Port Speed that matches Prusa Printer connected to your PC via USB and click Get Leveling button.

Program will send leveling commands to printer and wait for read levels. Once data is received it is displayed as 7×7 field table showing values. Each field is coloured to visually represent deviance from center point.

Red colour is for negative deviance (point level is lower than center point) and blue colour is for positive deviance (point level is higher than center point).

If you are trying to manually level bed this should help you by allowing quicek and frequently repeated reading leveling.

Download: PrusaPrinterLevelingReader-0.3.zip (1073 downloads )

Licence: Freeware

Platform: Windows Vista SP2. Windows 7 SP1. Windows 8, Windows 10

Requirement: .Net Framework 4.6