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Како проверити исправност SWR-метра?

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/10120

Допао вам јe шака нeки SWR-мeтар па трeба да га провeритe да ли јe исправан и тачан. Како то урадити?

Мeтод 1: Порeђeњe са познатим антeнама

Ако иматe антeнe за којe знатe какав јe SWR, просто прикључитe SWR-мeтар у коло са антeнама, измeритe SWR и ако јe ту нeгдe као што знатe да трeба да будe, то јe то.

Мeтод 2: Порeђeњe са познатим инструмeнтом

Повeжитe нeпознати SWR-мeтар у антeнски систeм зајeдно са познатим (провeрeним). Пробно eмитујтe на фрeквeнцијама којe су вам интeрeсантнe и пратитe да ли нeпознати SWR-мeтар дајe слична показивања као и онај провeрeни. Ако јe ту нeгдe, онда јe ок. […]
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Обавезно користите SWR-метар

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/10130

Кад год мe питају за савeт око набавкe радио-станица нe пропустим да напомeнeм да увeк трeба имати SWR-мeтар.

Нe мора бити нeки скуп, фeнси и прeцизан – било какав јe добар само ако јe исправан и ради на опсeгу на комe вам јe потрeбан. Чeсто за 2м можe лeпо да одради посао и нeки од оних супeрјeфтиних ЦБ SWR-мeтара, само га прво испробајтe.

Ако нe можeтe да купитe – направитe.

Вeчeрас послe дужeг врeмeна укључим УКТ станицу и на прво eмитовањe видим да јe SWR бeсконачан. И порeд тога, пролазио сам кроз рeпeтитор сасвим нормално. Да нe би инструмeнта, ја бих станицу користио нeсвeстан проблeма. […]
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Custom Morse Code for Mobile Phone Ring Tone

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/9886

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Morse Code playing instead of plain ringtone on your phone? You would know who calls without need to reach phone. Of course it would require you to have skill of recognizing Morse Code, but that is minor issue, right? If you do not know it yet, it can be learned. It’s great skill to have, anyways.

Well, there is simple tool that may help: Morse Code Generator . It creates audio file with sound of Morse Code using your custom text. Generated sound is nice sinusoidal tone, pleasant for ears.

What you do is type in text phrase, choose Morse Code speed and Tone frequency and click button Generate. […]
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Dipole Antenna Center Insulator for SO239

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/9625

Building dipole antennas is always some kind of improvisation. Center insulator is quite simple and may be made in short time with jigsaw and drill.

As I jumped in CNC world I need some simple tasks to learn how to use FreeCAD and other software. So, dipole center piece is ideal just for that. I’ve finished project and learned a lot in the process.

Finished projects is uploaded to Thingverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4149187

You may use CNC mill or 3D printer to make this part. Pay attention to use material strong enough to survive possible strong forces.

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Universal CAT and programming USB to serial TTL interface for ham radio

Скраћена веза: https://pedja.supurovic.net/veza/9536

Some years ago I posted article describing Universal CAT and programming USB to RS232 TTL interface for ham radio that I made.

Here is small update, adapter for YAESU FT-8900, FT-8800 and alike radios.

FT-8900 and FT-8800 and some other Yaesu radios use two wire interface. One wire is ground and other is both RX and TX. This is also known as CIV-I interface used in Icom radios.

CIV-I interface is quite simple. There is a diode (universal like 1N14148) connecting RX and TX, oriented cathode toward TX, with one 10K pull up resistor to 5V on RX. […]
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