W6CCP – The King of Impoliteness

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Today just past 17:00 UTC at 14214 kHz I witnessed behavior of  ham radio operator W6CCP that was as rude as it could get.

Saddiq A41KJ was on the frequency calling CQ, and had big pile-up from European stations. He was called all over but handling situation nicely and getting through the list of stations calling him.

Then, out from nowhere, W6CCP came out, obviously with very high power, screaming on top of all other callers for Saddiq to turn to long pass to North America. He was so powerful that he out-called all stations in pile-up. He gave fine report for A41KJ but insisted for him to turn to long pass. […]
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Remote Controlled Antenna Switch

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As I live in apartment building I have apparent problem with setting up ham radio antenna. The obvious place to set up antenna was the roof as it  is easily accessible. Due to small space and me not wanting to make mess of a wires, I decided to use compromise vertical multiband. A friend had spare DunaX-GPN4B (40, 20, 15 and 10m) so it was obvious choice. I had to put down about 30m of coax cable to my apartment, and soon I was in the air.

Not for long I found out that I do miss 80 meter band a lot. […]
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Колико снаге емитујете?

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Непресушна тема у радио-аматерским разговорима је снага радио-станица. Ма колико да је имамо, то никада није довољно. Увек су на цени јаче радио-станице, а многи радио-аматери не сматрају своју опрему заокруженом ако не набаве неки појачавач снаге.

Интересантно је да је први корак у повећању домета обично повећање снаге предајника. Нажалост то уме да оде и дотле да се излази из оквира прописа и емитује снагама које су далеко веће него што је то дозвољено, а да резултати не буду баш одговарајући.

Многи су се уверили да просто повећање снаге не да није увек него често уопште и није решење. […]
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My First World Castle Award Activation (WCA YU-00023)

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I did my first World Castle Award activation. Although it is mid February, weather forecast was sunny and warm for today, so I planned to go outdoors. As I live very near WCA YU-00023 (Stari grad, Užice) I decided to pack up my gears and walk to the old fortress and make an activation. I was accompanied by a non-ham friend.

YT9TP WCA YU-00023 Activation

As I am preparing for portable operations, this was nice opportunity to check how my equipment behave.

Basically, it is YAESU FT-857 with portable three band linked dipole (80, 40 and 20m), one LiIon 14.4V 5Ah NL202HD battery and another sealed lead acid 12V 7Ah battery. […]
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Universal CAT and programming USB to RS232 TTL interface for ham radio

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As soon as I got first two ham radio rigs, I needed to connect them both to PC, to program memories or use CAT control from logging software. I realized that it is impractical to have as many USB to RS323 adapters as rigs.

As serial connection for radio requires just RX, TX and GND lines, and it is the same for most of modern radio stations. It is actually only radio connector that is different – signaling is the same.

It showed up quite easy to build simple multirig adapter. All you need to do is to use existing USB to serial interface adapter, cut it’s cable in two and insert male and female three pin 3.5 […]
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Радиоаматерске фреквенције UHF (432 MHz / 70 cm)

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План фреквенција на опсегу 432 MHz

Подопсег Врста емисије Дозвољена снага
I кл. II кл.
432.000-432.150 CW 1500
432.150-432.500 CW, SSB 1500 50
432.500-432.600 Линеарни транспондери (улаз) 30 30
432.600-432.800 Линеарни транспондери (излаз)
432.800-432.990 Радио – фарови
432.994-433.381 FM репетитори (пријем) 30 30
433.394-433.581 FM симплекс 30 30
434.000-434.594 Дигиталне везе 50 30
434.594-434.981 FM Репетитори (предаја)
434.981-438.000 Сателитске везе 75 75


Канал Стара
RU368 RU0 434.600 433.000 -1.600
RU369 RU0X 434.6125 433.0125 -1.600
RU370 RU1 434.625 433.025 -1.600
RU371 RU1X 434.6375
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