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ESPHome: Sending sensor data to remote URL

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It is common need to send data read from sensor or states of device to some remote location, like web site or database. ESPHome allows doing that, and it works pretty well, once you find out how to do it.

For sending data, you can use HTTP GET or POST method. As data usually has some complexity, I prefer using POST and send all info as JSON structure. That is universal way.

First thing you have to use is to include  http_request component into code:

  id: http_request_data
  useragent: esphome/device
  timeout: 10s

You have to set id for component so you can access it later. […]
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Setting up self hosted RustDesk server on Windows

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RustDesk remote desktop

RustDesk (https://rustdesk.com/ , https://github.com/rustdesk ) is Open source virtual/remote desktop software like TeamViewer or AnyKey. It is on par with them in functionality, except that RustDesk is Open software, meaning free. It gains large popularity, as it does job well, and especially because commercial alternatives became unreasonably expensive unacceptable for noncommercial or low profile use.

Actually, there is one more big difference – You can host RustDesk on your own. This makes you independent from third parties. It makes it even more favorable.

Author of RustDesk actually recommends using self hosted servers for simple reason – public servers that are available, and free to use, actually do cost money. […]
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