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Custom Morse Code for Mobile Phone Ring Tone

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Morse Code playing instead of plain ringtone on your phone? You would know who calls without need to reach phone. Of course it would require you to have skill of recognizing Morse Code, but that is minor issue, right? If you do not know it yet, it can be learned. It’s great skill to have, anyways.

Well, there is simple tool that may help: Morse Code Generator. It creates audio file with sound of Morse Code using your custom text. Generated sound is nice sinusoidal tone, pleasant for ears.

What you do is type in text phrase, choose Morse Code speed and Tone frequency and click button Generate. […]
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Fast hand writing for receiving Morse code

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Receiving Morse code is a challenge. It is achievable and there are operators that reached stunning skills of receiving Morse Code in very high speeds. One of the limitations is hand writing speed, thus most high skilled operators receive Morse Code „in head“. But sometimes you do have to write it down, right?

First helping technique that should and is learned along with learning Morse Code itself is optimal hand writing. This cuts number of strokes for each character which speeds up writing. Also it is important where strokes end to minimize movement between written characters.

This image shows one of the ways to optimize hand writing. […]
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Vežbajte otpremanje Morzeove telegrafije samo sa ručicom i računarom

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Za usavršavanje tehnike otpremanja Morzeove telegrafije potrebno je odvojiti dosta vremena za vežbanje. Zgodno je ako to možete da radite kad god imate vremena.

Za to su vam potrebni ručni taster ili ručica i tonski generator. Taster i ručica se nabave (svaki radio-amater valjda to već ima) a kao tonski generator se obično koristi radio-stanica ili, ko se bavi elektronikom, može i da napravi.

Međutim, ako imate računar, on može takođe da završi posao. Postoji nekoliko programa koji rade kao tonski generatori a taster i ručicu na računar povezujete preko serijskog priključka na računaru.

MorseKeyer je jedan od takvih programa. […]
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