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Fast hand writing for receiving Morse code

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Receiving Morse code is a challenge. It is achievable and there are operators that reached stunning skills of receiving Morse Code in very high speeds. One of the limitations is hand writing speed, thus most high skilled operators receive Morse Code „in head“. But sometimes you do have to write it down, right?

First helping technique that should and is learned along with learning Morse Code itself is optimal hand writing. This cuts number of strokes for each character which speeds up writing. Also it is important where strokes end to minimize movement between written characters.

This image shows one of the ways to optimize hand writing. Small arrows in image show paths pen goes by and large ones are where stroke stops. It is worth investing time to learn writing this way.

If you find more optimal way to do it for some characters do not hesitate to use it. Do not care if it looks as ugly writing. You can even invent your own signs for characters. Anything is allowed as long as you can end up with written text you can read correctly.

Optimal writing will enhance your ability to write quicker and gain higher Morse Code receiving speed. but that is not all. Try receiving Morse Code in memory. At first, try not to write down character as you receive it but memorize it and receive another. When next character is received you memorize that on and write down previous character. You will fill instant relaxation, like everything slowed down, although Mose Code speed is the same.

Then just try to expand memory by memorizing two, three, four characters. Then try to memorize whole words.

If you need more writing speed then try stenography. How to do that is out of scope of this article.

One more thing, use plain graphite pen for writing, properly shaped. other pens that require additional pressure to leave mark will just tire you off.

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